Free Webinar: Publishing OA journals at a scholarly society or university

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About the Webinar:

In the transition to open access, more and more scholarly societies and universities are launching OA journals and running digital journal publishing operations. What goes into a successful journal launch? And how are scholarly societies and universities scaling their OA publishing efforts to meet core journal standards and reach more readers?

In this webinar, Scholastica users share their experience running OA journals at scholarly societies and universities, including advice on how to:

  • Launch new OA journals at a university or society
  • Develop OA journals to meet the highest standards and reach more readers
  • Expand OA journal publishing efforts with limited resources

Meet the guest speakers

Ashley Amaya

Former Editor-in-Chief

Survey Practice

Peter Coles


The Open Journal of Astrophysics

Fiona Morley

Head of Digital Programmes and Information System

Maynooth University Library

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