The Peer Review System Migration Toolkit

The Peer Review System Migration Toolkit

Are you preparing to transition to a new journal submission and peer review management system? While moving to new software may seem daunting, with careful planning and execution, publishers and editors can ensure a smooth and successful migration process. And you've found your go-to guide!

Featuring a "Peer Review System Migration Handbook" and accompanying "Migration Coordination Checklist" that breaks down key transition phases and associated action steps, this toolkit will help you:

  • Organize your migration leadership team and manage stakeholders
  • Establish a migration timeline and ensure critical steps are complete
  • Adhere to data cleaning, archiving, and migration best practices
  • Successfully onboard new peer review system users
  • Optimize your new peer review system pre- and post-migration

Kickstart your peer review system transition and ensure you don't miss a step with the comprehensive migration checklist included in this toolkit

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