The State of Journal Production and Access 2020: Society and university publishers

New report brings together insights from a survey of scholarly society and university publishers on their current journal production and access approaches and future priorities.

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About the Report:

The 2020 "State of Journal Production and Access" report details the results of a global survey of scholarly society, university press, and university library publishers on how they are approaching journal production and access now and in the future. The survey questions spanned core aspects of production and access, including:

  • Article formatting/layout processes and priorities
  • Metadata tagging standards and priorities
  • Open Access journal development approaches and funding models

In the evolving world of scholarly publishing, journal production and access are two areas undergoing some of the most significant and rapid changes. The goal of this survey report is to provide society and university publishers and stakeholders with generative insights around these discrete but increasingly related aspects of publishing to gauge where the digital journal landscape is moving. Click here to read the full report.

Survey report respondent highlights

Over 60 survey responses from individuals working with journal programs in 28 countries

Respondents work in leadership, editorial, production, and technology roles.

Respondents represent a range of publisher sizes, working with anywhere from one journal to over fifty.

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