The State of Journal Production and Access Survey

Do you work with a scholarly society or university publishing program? Please take the survey to help develop collective insights around production and access priorities and challenges.

About the Survey:

Scholastica is conducting this survey to develop a report on how society and university publishers are currently approaching journal production and open access publishing, and what their future priorities are in both areas. The final survey report will be openly available (no download form required). The survey questions span core production and access areas, including:

  • Article typesetting/layout processes and priorities
  • Metadata tagging processes and priorities
  • OA journal development and funding models

If you work with a scholarly society, university press, or university library that publishes one or more journals independently (i.e. not outsourced to a separate publisher), please take the survey to share your experience. The survey is open through May 29, 2020.

Privacy Policy: The information you submit for this survey will be published in an aggregated and anonymized form, and there are no personally identifying fields required.

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