Guide to Managing Peer Reviewers: Journal Editor Training Course

It's becoming harder for academic journals to find and keep quality peer reviewers, with stretched-thin referee pools in all disciplines. In order to solicit and retain reviewers, attention to peer review management is key. In this Scholastica editor training course, we cover how to develop a reviewer management plan to improve the experience of peer reviewers and encourage them to keep working with your journal.

This course covers:

  • Primary areas where you should be offering reviewers support
  • How to build a reviewer database and retain reviewers
  • Key reviewer metrics to track and how to use them
  • Advice for a smooth revise and resubmit (R&R) process
  • Ways to recognize peer reviewers
sample pages

This course includes the following worksheets

  • Reviewer email templates
  • Reviewer feedback form template
  • Reviewer checklist template

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