Free Webinar: OA Advocates Weigh in on Democratization of Academic Journals

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About the Webinar:

In the transition from subscription-based journal publishing to open access (OA), how can the academic community ensure that the models used to fund OA journals are sustainable? With OA article processing charges creeping into the thousands of dollars, there’s a dire need to reign in publishing models that threaten to replace the serials crisis with an OA funding emergency. In this panel-style webinar, 3 leading OA experts who contributed to Scholastica's white paper "Democratizing Academic Journals: Technology, Services, and Open Access" will discuss their individual thoughts on the topics covered in the white paper.

Panelists will speak on:

  • The sustainability of current OA journal publishing approaches
  • Possibilities and challenges surrounding democratizing OA journal publishing
  • How to determine structurally and financially sound OA journal models
  • The roles of nonprofit organizations and scholars in facilitating sustainable OA

Meet the webinar panelists

Dan Morgan

Director of Community Relations


Roxanne Missingham

University Librarian (Chief Scholarly Information Services)

Australian National University

Stevan Harnad

Professor in the Department of Psychology

Université du Québec à Montréal

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